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     2010 back issues
   Spring/Summer Volume 16 No. 1
   Fall/Winter Volume 17 No. 2

          2011 back issues
    Spring/Summer Volume 17 No. 2
    Fall/Winter Volumn 18 No. 1

       2012 back issues
   Spring/Summer Volume 18 No. 1

               2012 - Current Release
    Fall/Winter Volume 19 No. 1

Illya's Honey "Pushcart Prize" nominees for 2015

From our Winter issue:
 ....... “Talon” by Jim Davis 

 From our Spring issue:
  .......“The Scream” by Loretta Diane Walker 
  .......“Christmas on Royal” by Darla McBryde

From our Summer issue:
  .......“East Window” by Mary Biber  
  .......“Leaves” by Jeff Santosuosso 

From our Fall issue:
.........“The Primal Fear of Writers and Parents” by Kenneth Elliot  

All nominated poems may be viewed at either
in the current issue or in our archives.


Illya’s Honey—Submission Guidelines

All submissions are accepted through our submissions manager at   We no longer accept snail mail submissions.

Submit up to three poems or flash fictions (up to 500 words)

Each poem (or flash fiction) must be submitted separately

No previously published work or simultaneous submissions

No overly sentimental or didactic poetry

Response time is one to three weeks

Illya’s Honey nominates up to six poems (and/or flash fictions) annually for the Pushcart Prize

Editor will occasionally comment on work or suggest revision

Illya’s Honey appears quarterly, with two co-editors: Ann Howells and Melanie Pruit. Melanie edits the January and July issues. Ann edits the April and October issues. We may also have guest editors from time to time.

Illya’s Honey was published as a print journal for nineteen years. Many of the poets we published in print have followed us to appear in our digital issues. Among them are: Ed Galing, Alan Birchelbach and Larry D. Thomas. In addition we have added new names such as: David Bowles, Dave Oliphant, and A.D. Winans.  See us also on Facebook (Dallas Poets Community page) to read about our latest endeavors.




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